WingWell Systems offer and extensive range of servers. From basic file & network servers to high end servers.

Why Use A Server?

A server is a great way to centralise data and control access to data. They also contain extra protection to help maintain data integrity.

Small Cost

Selecting a WingWell Systems server will provide your company with a low cost, but high performance machine. We are able to advise, build and install a server perfectly configured around your needs, without an expensive price tag.

Low Maintenance

Most people imagine that servers are expensive and difficult to maintain. WingWell Servers are proven to have run without issue for extended periods of time. Some have uptimes of years, without needed a reboot and have security patches applied with minimal down time.

Custom Made or "Off the Shelf" Servers

WingWell Systems are able to supply servers made internally or by other suppliers such as Dell or HP.

Our Main Choice of Operating Systems

When designing or maintaining an existing computer infrastructure we will aim to implement using a combination of the following operating systems depending on individual requirements:

FreeBSD Logo Debian Logo Microsoft Logo